AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-06upstream version bump v3.3.1gkmcd
2020-05-10upstream repository URL changegkmcd
2019-11-17bump version to 3.2.3gkmcd
2018-09-25add git to depends as project is heaviliy imtegrated with gitgkmcd
2018-09-25update optdepends to better reflect package capabilitiesgkmcd
2018-09-25more setuptool_scm to depends - required for git version integrationgkmcd
2018-09-25minor fixes, remove pkgbase as no longer split packagegkmcd
2018-09-23fix pkgvergkmcd
2018-09-23fix makedepends, fix and install licencegkmcd
2018-09-20update .SRCINFOgkmcd
2018-09-20remove py2 cpgkmcd
2018-09-20take over as maintainer, remove python 3 referencesgkmcd
2018-06-113.0.3Michel Zou
2016-10-12conflictsMichel Zou
2016-10-12gitMichel Zou
2016-10-122.5.7Michel Zou