AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-17Update to v0.5.4James Morris
2020-10-06Update to v0.5.3James Morris
2020-10-06Update to v0.5.2James Morris
2020-10-06Update to v0.5.0James Morris
2017-08-16update to v0.4.3Michael Greene
2017-08-09updated to v0.4.2Michael Greene
2017-04-13updated to 0.4.1Michael Greene
2016-04-26updatred PKGBUILD; new source uriMichael Greene
2016-04-21updated SRCINFOMichael Greene
2016-04-21updated to 0.4.0Michael Greene
2015-10-06moved PKGBUILD over from aur-mirror.gitMichael Greene