AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-28Update to v0.12.5Ross Whitfield
2019-12-24Update to v0.12.2Ross Whitfield
2019-10-12Bump to v0.11.0 and drop python 2Ross Whitfield
2018-02-16Fix python2Ross Whitfield
2018-02-16Update to 0.10.10Ross Whitfield
2017-05-25Update to 0.10.0Ross Whitfield
2017-02-07Update to 0.9.3Ross Whitfield
2017-01-17Update to 0.9.2Ross Whitfield
2016-09-08Update to 0.9.0Ross Whitfield
2016-07-19Fix can't fin jupyter at runtimeRoss Whitfield
2016-07-19Initial commitRoss Whitfield