AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-01ref to home repository in pkgbuildCayetano Santos
2020-05-01no extra files in aurCayetano Santos
2020-05-01include a readmeCayetano Santos
2020-05-01no need of an artifactCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: fix path to artifactCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: fix syntaxCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: workaround su problemCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: debugCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: typoCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: fix errorsCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: workaround errorCayetano Santos
2020-05-01ci: test build packageCayetano Santos
2020-05-01python-pip is a makedependCayetano Santos
2020-04-29dependency on markupsafeCayetano Santos
2020-04-29conflicts with jinjaCayetano Santos
2020-04-29comply with wiki and install jinja2 tooCayetano Santos
2020-04-29setuptools is a dependsCayetano Santos
2020-03-21Fix conflictsCayetano Santos
2020-03-21CleanupCayetano Santos
2020-03-17version 0.2.0Cayetano Santos
2020-03-08fix provides variableCayetano Santos
2020-03-08First versionCayetano Santos