AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-03-17Fix python-crypto dependencyPhilipp Joram
Packaging is hard. Why even does python-pycrypto exist in the AUR when python-crypto exists in [community] and provides the same sources!?
2017-03-16Add missing dependenciesPhilipp Joram
2016-12-27Update .SRCINFOPhilipp Joram
Damn, I should really remember to do that before trying to push.
2016-12-27Bump pkgrelPhilipp Joram
2016-12-27Conflict with and provide python-axolotlPhilipp Joram
2016-12-27Depend on python-axolotl-curve25519-gitPhilipp Joram
2016-05-04Update pkgver()Philipp Joram
axolotl now uses tags in its repo. Make sure not to break the old version scheme and only output 'r{commit}.{hash}'.
2015-08-24Initial importPhilipp Joram