AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-10Update for release 0.11.0Maxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-10Split build and install stepMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-08-20Bump to v0.10.5Sam Whited
2019-07-09Bump to v0.10.4Sam Whited
2019-01-12Bump to v0.10.3Sam Whited
2019-01-09Add missing depsSam Whited
2018-12-31Bump to v0.10.2Sam Whited
2018-12-26Update SRCINFOSam Whited
2018-12-26Bump to v0.10.1 and pull from PyPiSam Whited
2017-09-30Upgrade to 0.9.1renek
2017-05-20Upgrade to 0.9renek
2017-02-26Re-enable error_dispatch test due to upstream fixrenek
2017-02-26Upgrade to latest upstream version 0.8.0renek
2017-01-12Temporarily disable test_error_dispatch testrenek
2017-01-06Update to bugfix release 0.7.2renek
2016-10-17Run test suite when builtrenek
2016-10-08Update to version 0.7.1renek
2016-09-29Update to v0.6.1renek
2016-07-04Update to v0.6.0renek
2016-05-18Update to 0.5.4renek
2016-03-20Update SRCINFO toorenek
2016-03-20Update to 0.5.3renek
2015-12-12Update to version 0.5.2renek
2015-11-29Initial importrenek