AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-10Bump version to 8.2.4 (maybe the last update [EOL 2019])Thomas Sarboni
2018-12-21Bump version to 8.2.2Thomas Sarboni
2018-07-24Bump version to 8.2.1Thomas Sarboni
2018-06-08Bump version to 8.2.0Thomas Sarboni
2017-12-17Bump version to 8.0.2Thomas Sarboni
2017-12-06Remove no longer needed php-mcrypt dependencyThomas Sarboni
2017-06-20Bump version to 8.0.1Thomas Sarboni
2017-05-17Bump version to 8.0.0Thomas Sarboni
2017-02-08Bump version to 7.0.4Thomas Sarboni
2016-12-13Bump version to 7.0.3Thomas Sarboni
2016-12-02Bump version to 7.0.2Thomas Sarboni
2016-11-12Bump version to 7.0.1Thomas Sarboni
2016-08-10Updated to 6.4.2Thomas Sarboni
2016-04-18Updated to 6.4.1Thomas Sarboni
2016-04-07Add a notice to handle 6.4.0 upgradeThomas Sarboni
2016-04-05Upgrade to 6.4.0Thomas Sarboni
2016-02-02Updated to 6.2.2wqThomas Sarboni
2015-12-21Updated to 6.2.1 + update exemple ssl vhostThomas Sarboni
2015-11-16Updated to 6.2.0Thomas Sarboni
2015-10-12Correct missing md5sumThomas Sarboni
2015-10-12Update nginx ssl exampleThomas Sarboni
2015-09-21Initial importThomas Sarboni