AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-060.14.0Phil Ruffwind
2020-06-200.13.8Phil Ruffwind
2020-02-060.13.6Phil Ruffwind
2019-11-290.13.5Phil Ruffwind
2019-10-260.13.4Phil Ruffwind
2019-08-280.13.3Phil Ruffwind
2019-07-070.13.2Phil Ruffwind
2019-06-050.13.0Phil Ruffwind
2019-02-26Update PKGBUILDPhil Ruffwind
2019-01-290.12.2Phil Ruffwind
2018-05-230.12.0Phil Ruffwind
2017-12-13Download source file to a unique namePhil Ruffwind
2017-12-090.11.7Phil Ruffwind
2017-08-270.11.6Phil Ruffwind
2016-06-06Add conflicts=('purescript-stack')Jonas Platte
2016-06-06Delete RPATHs from installed binaries, not the ones in the src directory (pac...Jonas Platte
2016-06-01Update to 0.9.1Jonas Platte
2016-05-25Update package name for dependencyJonas Platte
2016-04-21Update to 0.8.5 (and use sha1sum, as provided on GitHub)Jonas Platte
2016-04-18Strip RPATH from binaries (temporarily until the binaries ship without RPATHs)Jonas Platte
2016-04-17Update to 0.8.4Jonas Platte
2016-03-31Update to 0.8.3Jonas Platte
2016-03-21Update to 0.8.2Jonas Platte
2015-08-26Updated version to
2015-08-14Updated version to 0.7.3.joneshf
2015-08-14Updated version to
2015-08-03Updated version to 0.7.2.joneshf
2015-07-17Updated version to 0.7.1.joneshf
2015-07-03Updated version to 0.7.0.joneshf
2015-07-03Updated ``joneshf
2015-06-30Split `purescript-bin` to its own repo.joneshf
2015-06-30Got rid of echos and push proper.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to
2015-06-30Don't rely on releases always existing.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to
2015-06-30Updated version to
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.9.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.8.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.7.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.6.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.5.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated version to
2015-06-30Updated version to 0.6.4.joneshf
2015-06-30Updated to 0.6.3.joneshf
2015-06-30Update purescript-bin to 0.6.2.joneshf
2015-06-30Upload it.joneshf
2015-06-30Update to
2015-06-30Clean first and build the package.joneshf
2015-06-30Script to help with versions.joneshf