AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-28Revert pkgrelMorgenstern
2020-12-02Python 3.9 rebuild take twoMorgenstern
2020-12-02Python 3.9 rebuildMorgenstern
2020-10-25Add tags to pkgverMorgenstern
2020-08-28Fixed provides, conflitcs, replaces arraysMorgenstern
2020-08-23Initial commit - Python 3 + Qt5 mergeMorgenstern
2019-01-06puddletag-git: Switch to qt5Evan Purkhiser
2018-08-16various: Use $url in source where applicableEvan Purkhiser
2015-06-21Normalize PKGBUILD formatsEvan Purkhiser
2015-06-20puddletag-{hg,git}: Switch to github upstreamEvan Purkhiser