AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-13Update PKGBUILDpyamsoft
2019-09-10Update SRCINFOpyamsoft
2019-09-10Update pkgbuildpyamsoft
2019-03-19Update to latest git pkgbuildpyamsoft
2018-11-04Update to latestpyamsoft
2018-07-14Update latestpyamsoft
2018-02-10Update to latest gitpyamsoft
2017-12-30Update licensepyamsoft
2017-11-20Update latestpyamsoft
2017-11-06Update to latestpyamsoft
2017-11-02Update to latest gitpyamsoft
2017-10-09Update to 3.8.0pyamsoft
2017-09-16Update git pkgbuildpyamsoft
2017-07-15Bump to 3.7.4pyamsoft
2016-12-14Update to latest git releasepyamsoft
2016-11-12Update to latest git revisionpyamsoft
2016-11-02Update to 3.6.1pyamsoft
2016-10-19Update to new version with some backwards incompatible changes to power planspyamsoft
2016-09-21Update to latestpyamsoft
2016-07-20Update pkgbuildpyamsoft
2016-07-06Update pkgbuild to latestpyamsoft
2016-05-24Update to latest gitpyamsoft
2016-04-08Update to latest git releasepyamsoft
2016-03-03Update to version 3pyamsoft
2016-01-20Release 2.0.5pyamsoft
2016-01-13Update to latestpyamsoft
2016-01-11For reals this timepyamsoft
2016-01-11Update, try againpyamsoft
2016-01-11Update to latest, cleans up pkgbuildpyamsoft
2016-01-11Add patch for prefix pathspyamsoft
2016-01-01Update to latest gitpyamsoft
2016-01-01Version bump, fix to AUR guidelinespyamsoft
2016-01-01Trying a new pkgbuild file format.pyamsoft
2016-01-01Update to work with new buildpyamsoft
2015-12-26Update to 2.0.2pyamsoft
2015-12-24PKGBUILD updatepyamsoft
2015-12-04Version bumppyamsoft
2015-10-26Update PKGBUILDpyamsoft
2015-10-26Update pkgbuildpyamsoft
2015-10-24Update PKGBUILDpyamsoft
2015-10-14pkgbuild update to work with the new makefile targetspyamsoft
2015-10-11Updated pkgbuild. Include udev rules by defaultpyamsoft
2015-10-06[MAJOR UPDATE] Updated pstate-frequency to version 2.0.0pyamsoft
2015-09-24Formatting fixes in the pkgbuild mainly. This is not a super essential updatepyamsoft
2015-09-12Updated PKG to include licensepyamsoft
2015-09-11Formatting updates, VC versioningpyamsoft
2015-09-09Version bump to 1.3.0. Check GitHub commit log for detailspyamsoft