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2020-04-06update to latest commitfordprefect
2019-12-17update to new commit, add depfordprefect
2018-06-09updated to new mature commit e672d1050529Georg Schlisio
2017-09-292017-08-27G. Schlisio
2017-05-302017.05.08G. Schlisio
2017-03-27latest changes includedG. Schlisio
2017-02-062016.12.15G. Schlisio
2016-08-012015.07.26G. Schlisio
2016-04-10source link fixedGeorg Schlisio
2016-04-05ver 2016-03-27. change in versioning: release every few commits, since there ...Georg Schlisio
2016-03-28updating checksumsGeorg Schlisio
2015-10-30updated pkgsum - for changes see Schlisio
2015-09-07url and src updateGeorg Schlisio
2015-07-100.9.1-3, changed checksumGeorg Schlisio
2015-07-070.9.1, moved from aur3Georg Schlisio