AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-09-21Bump to 341William Turner
2020-04-13Start tracking PrestoSQL instead and update to v332William Turner
2019-07-23Bump to 0.222William Turner
2018-10-11Bump to 0.212William Turner
2018-06-06Bump to 0.203William Turner
2018-05-25Bump to 0.202William Turner
2018-05-03Bump to 0.200William Turner
2018-03-23Bump to 0.197William Turner
2018-02-28Update to 0.195William Turner
2018-01-05Update to 0.191William Turner
2017-12-08Update to 0.190William Turner
2017-09-12Update to 0.184William Turner
2017-08-22Fix checksumsWilliam Turner
2017-08-22Bump to 0.183William Turner
2017-08-07Bump to 0.182William Turner
2017-07-05Bumps to 0.180William Turner
2017-06-13Bumps to 0.178William Turner
2017-05-19Bumps to 0.176William Turner
2017-05-03Bumps to 0.174William Turner
2017-04-04Bumps the version to 0.171William Turner
2017-03-20Bumps to 0.169William Turner
2017-03-15Bumps to 0.168William Turner
2017-02-27Bumps for new upstream versionWilliam Turner
2017-01-31Initial commitWilliam Turner