AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-24Fix CUDA_ARCH examples 's/sm_//'bartus
* add underscore to user defined variables * remove unsafe cd * move CMAKE_FLAGS inside build() function * drop mkdir
2020-06-18Add CUDA_ARCH control variable.bartus
2020-06-18Add .shellcheckrcbartus
2019-09-03Pop pkgrel to rebuild after pacakge split.bartus
2019-08-29Split package into static/dynamic libbartus
popsift: headers and static library version popsift-libs: dynamic library
2019-08-29Update .SRCINFObartus
2019-08-28Working PKGBUILDbartus
* build share/static library, control with BUILD_SHARED={0,1} * disable check() until reference.tgz link is fixed * update description * pop version to 1.0.0