AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-17upgpkg: popcorntime 0.4.4-1Giovanni Santini
- Version bump.
2020-03-23upgpkg: popcorntime 0.4.1-1Giovanni Santini
- Version bump, finally - Using PopcornTime NW.js, see comments at page:
2020-02-23upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-19Giovanni Santini
- Update PopcornTime sources to latest ones - Bump NW.js version to 0.44.1 - Remove old dependencies
2019-06-11upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-18Giovanni Santini
- NW.js version bump.
2019-06-06upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-17Giovanni Santini
- NW.js version bump.
2019-04-17upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-16Giovanni Santini
- NW.js version bump (0.36.4 -> 0.37.4)
2019-04-04upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-15Giovanni Santini
- Bump NW.js to 0.36.4 - Bump required GTK to GTK3 - Small changes
2019-01-01upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-14Giovanni Santini
- Track latest commit, thus removing need for patches - Bump NW.js to 0.35.3, as the prebuilt FFMpeg library is now fixed.
2018-12-29upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-13Giovanni Santini
- Major rewrite & cleanup - Updated PopcornTime sources - Gulp patch updated to match latest sources - Switched to yarn from npm - NW.js downgraded to 0.31.5, as it is the only one working on my machine
2018-09-06upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-12Giovanni Santini
- Switch back to nw.js 0.31.5 Tested all the 0.32.x versions, but none is working - Small adjustments PKGBUILD looks better
2018-09-04upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-11Giovanni Santini
- Using nw.js 0.32.3 for working builds
2018-09-03upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-10 bisGiovanni Santini
- Correct checksum for the desktop file
2018-09-02upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-10Giovanni Santini
- Bump nw.js version.
2018-07-24upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-9Giovanni Santini
- Use latest version of nw.js (0.31.5) - Install properly missing npm dependencies (natives and bufferutil) - Refresh the gulp patch
2018-07-23upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-8 ... bisGiovanni Santini
Adding missed .SRCINFO
2018-07-23upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-8Giovanni Santini
- Use updated upstream for the app. - Use official nw.js binaries rather than (possibly malicious) PopcornTime ones. - Use the proper FFmpeg library for the official nw.js. - Use the proper Vodo provider.
2018-07-16upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-7.1Giovanni Santini
- Small changes to the PKGBUILD; nothing worthy or a recompilation
2018-05-12upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-7Giovanni Santini
- Revert VODO provider to last working one
2018-05-12upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-6Giovanni Santini
- Better npm cache handling - VODO provider is updated upstream now
2018-04-02upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-5Giovanni Santini
- Major rewrite of the PKGBUILD - Remove useless dependencies - Fixed annoying bug for the initial screen - Fix broken dependencies
2018-01-05upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-4Giovanni Santini
- Track master branch rather than the commit
2017-07-08upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-3Giovanni Santini
- Using updated version of the module
2017-05-24upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-2Giovanni Santini
- Avoid security issue caused by subtitles - Fix broken build caused by the module 'thepiratebay'
2016-12-01upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.10-1Giovanni Santini
2016-06-10upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.9-5Giovanni Santini
Totally verified working commit. Will stick up to it for some time.
2016-06-07upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.9-4Giovanni Santini
Fixing startup issue
2016-05-20upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.9-3Giovanni Santini
Updating sources to latest master branch commit
2016-03-04upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.9-2Giovanni Santini
2016-03-02upgpkg: popcorntime 0.3.9-1Giovanni Santini
2015-10-09nodejs-bower -> bowervlad
2015-09-07update _commit_hashvlad
2015-09-07update to
2015-09-05update to
2015-08-30fix _gitnamevlad
2015-08-30update sha256sumsvlad
2015-08-18del desktop-i18nvlad
2015-08-17back to 3.8.3vlad
2015-08-16downgrade to
2015-08-15update to
2015-08-04Del opensubtitles fixvlad
2015-08-04Update to
2015-08-03Fix opensubtitles-apivlad
2015-08-02Skip desktop-i18n-master hashvlad
2015-08-02Fix opensubtitlesvlad
2015-07-14Back to ttf-fontvlad