AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-22PKGBUILD cleanupLightDot
2018-02-22PKGBUILD cleanupLightDot
2017-10-21Rebuilt, PKGBUILD fixedLightDot
2017-10-21Rebuilt, PKGBUILD fixedLightDot
2015-11-20Add back packageBalló György
2015-06-08Upstream moved away from libexec, no need to fix it anymoreDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Adjust pkgdesc to make clear that this is the dev versionDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Use git describe for pkgverDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Update licensesDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Add python-psutil optdepDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Upstream rename and repo moveDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Don't use libexecDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Massive upstream updateDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Add polkit depDoug Newgard
2015-06-08Add desktop file; fix minimum version and descriptionDoug Newgard
2014-05-21Initial PKGBUILDDoug Newgard