AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-11Update version to v0.8.28-1Martin Pugh
2021-02-05Update version to v0.8.28Martin Pugh
2020-11-12Bump version to v0.8.26-1Martin Pugh
2020-11-12Update version to v0.8.26Martin Pugh
2020-09-17Update version to v0.8.24Parity Releases
2020-09-01Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into masterParity Releases
2020-09-01Update version to v0.8.23Parity Releases
2020-08-17Update version to v0.8.22Parity Releases
2020-08-17Update version to v0.8.19Parity Releases
2020-08-07Update version to v0.8.22Martin Pugh
2020-06-25update version to v0.8.12Martin Pugh
2020-06-10bump version to v0.8.7Martin Pugh
2020-06-05bump version to v0.8.3Martin Pugh
2020-05-29bump version to v0.8.1Martin Pugh
2020-05-26bump version to v0.8.0Martin Pugh
2020-05-18bump pkgrelMartin Pugh
2020-05-18better variable usageMartin Pugh
2020-05-18Fix linting issuesMartin Pugh
2020-05-15bump .SRCINFOMartin Pugh
2020-05-15Add conflict: polkadot-gitMartin Pugh
2020-05-07remove double slash in URLMartin Pugh
2020-05-07update version to v0.7.33Martin Pugh
2020-05-07Initial commitMartin Pugh