AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-17Replace json-rpc with ajsonrpcJake
2021-03-17Update to 5.1.1Jake
2021-02-22Add missing deps for 5.1.0Jake
2021-02-01Install udev rules without executable bitJake
2021-01-30Update to 5.1.0Jake
2020-12-31Update to 5.0.4Jake
2020-12-12Install udev ruleJake
2020-11-13Update to 5.0.3Jake
2020-10-30Update to 5.0.2Jake
2020-09-10Update to 5.0.1Jake
2020-09-03Update to 5.0.0Jake
2020-05-29Add new optdepsJake
2020-05-29Update to 4.3.4Jake
2020-04-29Update to 4.3.3Jake
2020-04-28Update to 4.3.2Jake
2020-03-23Update to 4.3.1Jake
2020-03-19Update to 4.3.0Jake
2020-02-21Update to 4.2.1Jake
2020-02-13Update to 4.2.0Jake
2019-08-25Update to 4.0.2Jake
2019-07-13Update to 4.0.0Jake
2019-05-25Update to 3.6.7Jake
2019-01-10Fix checksumGonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2019-01-10Update to 3.6.3Gonçalo Camelo Neves Pereira
2018-08-14Release 3.6.0Guilhelm Savin
2018-07-14Release 3.5.4Guilhelm Savin
2018-06-05Release v3.5.3Guilhelm Savin
2018-03-14Release 3.5.2Guilhelm Savin
2018-02-22Release 3.5.1Guilhelm Savin
2017-08-04Fix pyserial required versionGuilhelm Savin
2017-08-04Update to 3.4.1 and restrict pyserial version to <3.3Guilhelm Savin
2017-06-27Release 3.4.0Guilhelm Savin
2017-05-29Update to 3.3.1Guilhelm Savin
2017-03-30Update SRCINFOGuilhelm Savin
2017-03-30Add python2-arrow as dep.Guilhelm Savin
2017-03-28Update to 3.3.0Guilhelm Savin
2016-12-13Update to 3.2.1Guilhelm Savin
2016-11-11Update to 3.1.0Guilhelm Savin
2016-08-06Up to 2.11.2Guilhelm Savin
2016-07-18Up to 2.11.1Guilhelm Savin
2016-06-29Up to 2.11.0Guilhelm Savin
2016-06-20Up to 2.10.3Guilhelm Savin
2016-06-06Up to 2.9.4Guilhelm Savin
2016-05-01Up to 2.9.1Guilhelm Savin
2016-04-29Up to 2.9.0Guilhelm Savin
2016-03-23Up to 2.8.6Guilhelm Savin
2016-03-08Up to v2.8.5Guilhelm Savin
2016-02-19Update Platformio to 2.8.4Guilhelm Savin
2016-02-11Update license.Guilhelm Savin
2016-02-11Update license.Guilhelm Savin