AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-03fixed cmake deprecationMike Harris
2018-01-02remove blocking queueMike Harris
2018-01-02added AUR supportMike Harris
2017-12-29fixed missing text: in refreshMike Harris
2017-12-28fixed blocking queue with mutexesMike Harris
2017-12-25revert blocking queue removalMike Harris
2017-12-25remove blocking queue from system upgrade so UI doesn't hangMike Harris
2017-12-25fixed old status bug issue #6Mike Harris
2017-12-20worker thread fixed commmandsMike Harris
2017-10-15fixed settings text bugMike Harris
2017-10-14remove checkupdate-aur from konsole fix updateMike Harris
2017-10-14fix konsoleBugMike Harris
2017-08-28merge master pushMike Harris
2017-08-27fixMike Harris
2017-08-27fix dependMike Harris
2017-08-27added konsole showMike Harris
2017-08-27added konsole showMike Harris
2017-08-10fixed filesMike Harris
2017-06-21fix install scriptMike Harris
2017-06-21fixed styling and scalingMike Harris
2017-06-17switched github sourceMike Harris
2017-06-16uploading kde arch updating notification widgetMike Harris