AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-08change discover-git and oxygen-git deps to non-git versions as git versionsBen Isenhart
2015-11-06Remove muon and ttf-oxygen, add breeze-gtk and discoverAntonio Rojas
2015-09-14kgamma-git -> kgamma5-gitAntonio Rojas
2015-08-21kcm-user-manager-git renamed to user-manager-gitAntonio Rojas
2015-08-20Add kwallet-pamAntonio Rojas
2015-08-14Add plasma-paAntonio Rojas
2015-07-31Add kgammaAntonio Rojas
2015-07-22kio-extras has been moved to KDE ApplicationsAntonio Rojas
2015-06-08Initial importAntonio Rojas