AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-02-05updated version and added latex supportMikołaj Chwalisz
2017-10-27updated to 1.2017.18Mikołaj Chwalisz
2017-07-28typo fixMikołaj Chwalisz
2017-07-10added pdf supportMikołaj Chwalisz
2017-07-05* update to 1.2017.15Kiet To
2017-06-12* update to 1.2017.14Kiet To
2017-05-14* update to 1.2017.13Kiet To
2017-04-27* update to 1.2017.12 (another version scheme)Kiet To
2017-04-24* update to 2017.10Kiet To
2017-04-10* update to 2017.10Kiet To
2017-03-24* update to 2017.08 (new version scheme)Kiet To
2017-03-17* update to 8059Kiet To
2017-03-03* update to 8057Kiet N. To
2017-02-16* update to 8056Kiet N. To
2017-02-07* update to 8055Kiet N. To
2017-01-25* update to 8054Kiet N. To
2016-12-28* update to 8053Kiet N. To
2016-12-16* update to 8052Kiet N. To
2016-12-10* update to 8051Kiet N. To
2016-11-30* forgot SRCINFO againKiet N. To
2016-11-30* update to 8050Kiet N. To
2016-11-02* fixed. forgot to update SRCINFOKiet N. To
2016-10-10* update to 8048Kiet N. To
2016-04-04bump versionJuan Tascon
2016-02-09updated to 8036Juan Tascon
2015-11-30updated to 8033Juan Tascon
2015-11-05updated to 8032Juan Tascon
2015-10-16fixed to build with java 1.7Juan Tascon
2015-09-11updated to 8030Juan Tascon
2015-06-17initial releaseJuan Tascon