AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-29Update .SRCINFOPaulo Matias
2020-03-29Disable external speex and only install the main binaryPaulo Matias
- Disable external speex, since it was causing audio hiccups and displaying warning messages in loop. - Only install the pjsua binary. The build system always builds it as a static binary anyway, even when using `--enable-shared`. Perhaps there should be a separated pjsip package for the libraries. - Introduce the `-NDEBUG` flag, which the README recommends for release builds. - Introduce the `-DPJ_TIMER_DEBUG=0` flag. This is a workaround for building version 2.10. Linking sometimes fails missing some `*_dbg` symbols. Sometimes it builds sucessfully even without the flag. Maybe there is a race condition in the build system.
2020-03-28Update to v2.10Christian Kohlstedde
2019-10-05Update to version 2.9Christian Kohlstedde
2018-10-22Update to pjsip base v2.8Christian Kohlstedde
2018-03-21Update pjsua to v2.7.2Christian Kohlstedde
2018-01-21fix missing dependency bcg729Christian Kohlstedde
2018-01-21Update pjsua to version 2.7.1Christian Kohlstedde
2015-06-19Initial commitThiago Coutinho