AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-03Update the sha256sum of the package as it was updated.Alfredo Beaumont
2021-05-07Bump to Picat 3.1Alfredo Beaumont
2021-02-19Bump to Picat 3.0#4 and add CVC4 optional dependency.Alfredo Beaumont
2020-10-12Bump to Picat 3.0#2Alfredo Beaumont
2020-04-22Bump to Picat 2.8#5.Alfredo Beaumont
2020-04-14Bump to Picat 2.8#4.Alfredo Beaumont
2020-01-05Bump to Picat 2.8.Alfredo Beaumont
2019-04-08Bump to Picat 2.6#2Alfredo Beaumont
2018-12-28Update .SRCINFO accordingly.Alfredo Beaumont
2018-12-28Improve PKGBUILD's description and dependencies.Alfredo Beaumont
2018-12-26Initial package for Picat 2.5Alfredo Beaumont