AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
11 daysautu: Update to 5.6.40-2Chris Severance
2021-01-07autu: Update to 5.6.40-1Chris Severance
2019-01-15update to 5.6.40Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-12-15update to 5.6.38Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-09-14update to 5.6.38Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-07-30update to 5.6.37Mickaël Thomas
2018-07-08Fix sendmail detection in check()Mickaël Thomas
2018-05-20fix freetype >=2.9.1 compatibilityThore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-04-29update to 5.6.36Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-03-30update to 5.6.35Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-03-02update to 5.6.34Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-02-26fix enchant extension for enchant-2Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-02-26add patch to build against enchant-2Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2018-01-12update to 5.6.33Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2017-10-27update to 5.6.32Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2017-07-07update to 5.6.31Thore Bödecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Bödecker <>
2017-05-25Bump pkgrel for openssl-1.0 1.0.2.k-4Mickaël Thomas
2017-05-10Link imap module with openssl 1.1Mickaël Thomas
This fixes a crash in imap when SSL is used
2017-05-10use https for source downloadThore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2017-05-10switch to more secure checksumsThore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2017-05-04Add missing openssl-1.0 runtime dependencyMickaël Thomas
Was previously pulled with curl but curl uses openssl 1.1
2017-04-27Fix openssl build (use openssl-1.0)Mickaël Thomas
2017-01-20Update to PHP 5.6.30Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-12-10Update to PHP 5.6.29Mickaël Thomas
2016-11-15Update to PHP 5.6.28Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-10-15Update to PHP 5.6.27Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-09-16Update to PHP 5.6.26Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-08-19Update to PHP 5.6.25Mickaël Thomas
2016-08-16Disable libvpx as it's not actually used.Mickaël Thomas
Bundled libgd uses it for webp support but we're using system-provided libgd which uses libwebp rather than libvpx.
2016-07-22Update to PHP 5.6.24Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-06-24Update to PHP 5.6.23Mickaël Thomas
2016-05-27Update to PHP 5.6.22Thore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-04-29Update to PHP 5.6.21Mickaël Thomas
2016-04-28Fix dblib install pathMickaël Thomas
2016-04-21Add php56-dblib to the packageMickaël Thomas
2016-04-12Allow building with tidy-html5Mickaël Thomas
2016-04-01Update to PHP 5.6.20Mickaël Thomas
2016-03-31Update .SRCINFOMickaël Thomas
2016-03-31Fix some pear/pecl packaging issuesMickaël Thomas
2016-03-05Update to PHP 5.6.19Mickaël Thomas
2016-02-04Update to PHP 5.6.18Mickaël Thomas
2016-01-16fix pear56 stuff, rename php56-embed filenameThore Boedecker
pear56 was using some hardcoded /usr/bin/php paths in both the config file and the "binary" itself. php56-embed was outputting to /usr/lib/ which made it conflict with the old php-embed package (pre-php7), renamed to /usr/lib/ This allows users to install the php56 packages before upgrading to upstream php7 releases. Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-01-14Make phpize56 use php-config56Mickaël Thomas
2016-01-14Make use of --program-suffix configure flag and substitue include_dirMickaël Thomas
2016-01-13Move everything outside of /optMickaël Thomas
2016-01-13rework package to a separate install locationThore Boedecker
Signed-off-by: Thore Boedecker <>
2016-01-08Update to 5.6.17Mickaël Thomas
2016-01-07Add version information to 'provides' arraysMickaël Thomas
2016-01-04Remove www. from source URLs and add stricter conflicts with php 7Mickaël Thomas
2016-01-03Initial commmitMickaël Thomas