AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-08Update to 2.2.3Amish
2021-03-20php-pear not requiredAmish
2021-01-30Update to 2.2Amish
2019-12-02PHP 7.4 rebuildAmish
2018-12-30Update to 2.1.1-1Amish
2018-10-12Improve PAM service file to use Arch Linux system-remote-loginAmish
2018-10-12Simplify. Create pam.ini in PKGBUILD itselfAmish
2018-10-12New upstream. Old upstream was not updated since 2009 and needs patchesAmish
2017-04-12disable compiler optimizations as reported by amishMatteo Mattei
2017-04-10add zend.patchMatteo Mattei
2017-04-10add zend.patchMatteo Mattei
2015-06-30Initial importMatteo Mattei