AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-31trigger rebuild, disable poppler support by default from now onluspi
2020-07-05update to poppler requires rebuildluspi
2020-05-28toggle rebuild due to poppler updateluspi
2020-03-12poppler update requires rebuildluspi
2020-02-28rebuilt required after poppler updateluspi
2020-01-14trigger rebuild (poppler update)luspi
2019-11-18trigger rebuild due to poppler updateluspi
2019-09-05 update to poppler requires rebuildluspi
2019-07-11bump pkgrelluspi
2019-05-22fix build with exiv 0.27Lukas Spies
2019-04-28trigger rebuild due to poppler updateluspi
2019-04-14poppler update requires rebuildluspi
2019-03-13force rebuild after poppler updateluspi
2019-02-04trigger rebuild due to updated poppler (doesn't start without recompile)luspi
2018-12-15libpoppler update requires recompileluspi
2018-08-10trigger rebuild of PhotoQt, necessary due to updated poppler lib (error while...luspi
2018-06-03remove old redundant patchLukas Spies
2018-06-03update to 1.7.1Lukas Spies
2018-05-28fix: Qt 5.11 removed qt5_use_modules() cmake function causes cmake to fail ->...luspi
2018-05-16add missing makedepends 'extra-cmake-modules'luspi
2018-05-15fix md5sumluspi
2018-05-15minor tweak (disabled freeimage and devil by default)luspi
2018-05-15update to v1.7luspi
2018-02-23changed arch to x86_64 and removed install fileluspi
2018-02-21update to v1.6luspi
2017-07-29needs recompile due to update to exiv2luspi
2017-01-18wrong md5sum updateluspi
2017-01-17update to v1.5.1luspi
2017-01-15rebuild needed due to dependency updateluspi
2017-01-11update to v1.5luspi
2016-09-11update to v1.4.1.1luspi
2016-06-01update to v1.4.1luspi
2016-05-18[1.4] make sure all installs have required dependenciesluspi
2016-05-18[1.4] add missing dependencyluspi
2016-05-17Update to v1.4luspi
2015-08-25fix missing dependency on 'qt5-quickcontrols'Lukas Spies
2015-08-25fix missing dependency on 'qt5-quickcontrols'Lukas Spies
2015-08-05bump for rebuild (linker error)Lukas Spies
2015-08-05bump for rebuild (linker error)Lukas Spies
2015-07-28Update to 1.3Lukas Spies