AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate to 0.4.0Philip Goto
2020-06-24Update to 0.3.1Philip Goto
2020-05-19Clean up building processPhilip Goto
2020-05-19Update to 0.3.0Philip Goto
2020-04-23Exclude tests from buildPhilip Goto
2020-04-13Bump versionPhilip Goto
2020-04-13Add architecturesPhilip Goto
2020-04-06Update to 0.2.2Philip Goto
2020-04-01Update to 0.2.1Philip Goto
2020-03-02Update to 0.2.0Philip Goto
2020-01-13Update to 0.1.7Philip Goto
2020-01-02Update to 0.1.6Philip Goto
2019-12-19Update to 0.1.5Philip Goto
2019-12-04Add virtboard dependencyPhilip Goto
2019-12-04Update to 0.1.4Philip Goto
2019-11-08Update package to latest versionPhilip Goto
2019-01-05Apply changes to srcinfoPhilip Goto
2019-01-05Remove pkg-config from makedependsPhilip Goto
2019-01-05Update dependenciesPhilip Goto
2019-01-05Update to 0.0.2Philip Goto
2018-10-16Initialize packagePhilip Goto