AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-15Add GOFLAGS to workaroundSamuel Walladge
2020-07-20bump versionSamuel Walladge
2020-04-17Fix buildSamuel Walladge
2020-04-15Bump versionSamuel Walladge
2018-03-13bump versionSamuel Walladge
2018-02-02bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-08-11bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-03-07bump versionSamuel Walladge
2017-03-02bump versionSamuel Walladge
2016-12-17update to 0.4.7Samuel Walladge
2016-12-14update to 0.4.6Samuel Walladge
2016-10-31update to 0.4.5Samuel Walladge
2016-10-20add missing makedependsSamuel Walladge
2016-10-20now builds from source again, but this time it works properlySamuel Walladge
2016-10-20fix architecture specific code, update to 0.4.3Samuel Walladge
2016-08-23update to 0.4.2, now use binary releases from githubSamuel Walladge
2016-06-23update to 0.3.6Samuel Walladge
2016-02-13updated to v0.3.5Samuel Walladge
2015-07-13initial commitSamuel Walladge