AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-05update to latest master branchMartin Blumenstingl
2019-08-01update the systemd service to run pdudaemon with it's own userMartin Blumenstingl
2019-08-01add version update also to .SRCINFOMartin Blumenstingl
2019-08-01add sysusers.d and tmpfiles.d so pdudaemon gets it's own userMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13make pduclient executableMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13install pduclient, which is not installed by defaultMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13pdudaemon is looking for the config file in /etc/pdudaemon/pdudaemon.confMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13python-pyusb is required for the EnerGenieUSB driverMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13update .SRCINFOMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-13python-pysnmp is a needed for the new SNMP driverMartin Blumenstingl
2019-07-12initial commitMartin Blumenstingl