AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-08updated verion to 1.10.0, removed patches because they are includedmajor
2019-12-15replaced python2-sphinx with python-sphinx in dependenciesmajor major
2019-12-13removed option -j2 behind make commandmajor major
2019-12-12removed python2 as dependencymajor major
2018-12-13updated to version 1.91 and added libusb as dependencymajor major
2018-11-12version update to 1.9.0 + remove of all unecessary patchesmajor major
2018-09-25added python as makedependsmajor major
2018-09-22added Patch for Boost 1.68 and Eigenmajor major
2018-08-05changed sha256sum of patch filemajor major
2018-06-12added patch to fix error: no matching function for call to ‘boost::uuids::r...major major
2018-05-15added patch to fix Problems with gcc 8.1major major
2018-02-21 applied patch by Vivien Delmon to fix issues about pcl features that cannot ...major major
2018-02-08Revert "changed sha256sum"major major
2018-02-08changed sha256summajor major
2018-02-06changed sha256summajor major
2018-02-05changed sha256sum, new packages relmajor major
2018-01-15cmake part is now in build sectionmajor major
2017-12-28Updated dependency and version to 1.8.1FabioLolix
2016-07-17Update to version 1.8.0Benjamin Chrétien
2016-03-12Update to 1.8.0rc2Benjamin Chrétien
2016-02-24Add missing dependenciesBenjamin Chrétien
2016-02-19Update for qt5 + fix for vtk7Benjamin Chrétien
2015-07-09import from aur3Lubosz Sarnecki