AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-08Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://çois Guerraz
2021-04-08Upstream upgrade to 21.0.21070.203; remove lib32-krb5 hackFrançois Guerraz
2020-06-05Remove unused SHA256SUMFrançois Guerraz
2020-06-03Update to upstream 20.2.20141.491, remove hacks for lib32-krb5 that were nece...François Guerraz
2020-05-15Upstream update to 20.1.20111.484François Guerraz
2020-04-15Add colour and stuffFrançois Guerraz
2020-04-15Display the message on upgrade tooFrançois Guerraz
2020-04-15Display a warning message on install concerning unmaintained binariesFrançois Guerraz
2020-04-15Update to upstream 20.0.20083.454 which is a pile of utter garbageFrançois Guerraz
2019-10-10Merge branch 'master' of ssh://çois Guerraz
2019-10-10Upstream update to 19.2.19220.1423François Guerraz
2019-10-10Upstream update to 19.1.19116.1393François Guerraz
2019-08-28Upstream update to 19.1.19116.1393François Guerraz
2019-05-02Add missing lib32-libxml2 dependency and fix conflicting glibc librariesFrançois Guerraz
2019-03-30Upstream upgrade to 19.0.19063.1355François Guerraz
2019-02-09Upstream update to 18.2.18305.340François Guerraz
2018-05-31Do not overwrite user's rti.cfg, upstream updateFrançois Guerraz
2018-03-28Update to upstream 18.0.18059.259François Guerraz
2018-01-21Fix RPATH security issue (/home/teamcity/), remove useless dependsFrançois Guerraz
2017-12-18Update to upstream 17.4.17200.477François Guerraz
2017-08-22Update to upstream 17.3.17151.465François Guerraz
2017-06-01Update to 17.2.17125.433François Guerraz
2017-04-14Bump to version 17.0.17068.356François Guerraz
2017-03-20Add lib32-sqlite as a dependencywqFrançois Guerraz
2016-07-07remove "//" in the .desktop files, it prevents propper XML validations for so...François Guerraz
2016-06-06Upstream update to version 16.1.16125.489François Guerraz
2016-06-06Upstream update to version 16.1.16125.489François Guerraz
2016-05-19Add myself as a maintainerFrançois Guerraz
2016-05-19Intitial payetools-rti commit, version 16.0.16076.450François Guerraz