AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-15Fixed error in applying lua51 patchBaptiste Careil
2021-04-05Updated for 2.0Baptiste Careil
2021-03-14Fixed typo in descriptionBaptiste Careil
2021-03-14Fixed lua-curl being compiled with luajit instead of lua51Baptiste Careil
2021-02-24Fixed patch and added url scheme associationBaptiste Careil
2021-02-07Strip pobfrontend binaryBaptiste Careil
2021-02-06Removed unneeded dependency lua51-zlibBaptiste Careil
2021-02-06Moved from luajit to lua51 to address out of memory errorBaptiste Careil
2020-12-15Fixed pobfrontend patch errorBaptiste Careil
2020-10-31Bumped versionBaptiste Careil
2020-10-27Bumped versionBaptiste Careil
2020-09-24Bumped versionBaptiste Careil
2020-07-20Fixed build failureBaptiste Careil
2020-06-20Added missing dependencies on fontsBaptiste Careil
2020-06-20Fixed desktop entry file categoriesBaptiste Careil
2020-06-20Added logo and desktop entryBaptiste Careil
2020-03-14Conversion to LocalIdentity's forkBaptiste Careil
2020-01-03Patched pobfrontend to store builds in user directoryBaptiste Careil
2019-12-16Updated SRCINFOBaptiste Careil
2019-12-16Added compilation of lzip as an attempt to support self-updateBaptiste Careil
2019-12-01Initial versionBaptiste Careil