AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-07passwordsafe-git: don't use tags in pkgver(), switch to cmake, add qrencode t...Alexander Schnaidt
2016-05-26passwordsafe-git: remove .install in favor of the new hooks, switch url to gi...Alexander Schnaidt
2015-09-23passwordsafe-git: rename dependency 'ykpers' to 'yubikey-personalization', ad...Alexander Schnaidt
2015-06-08passwordsafe-git: add missing webkitgtk2 dependency and tweak .installAlexander Schnaidt
2015-06-08passwordsafe-git: update PKGBUILD for wxgtk 3 and changed help-file locationAlexander Schnaidt
2014-05-10point passwordsafe's install= at the correct filenameAlexander Schnaidt
2014-05-10make default passwordsafe-git package build with yubikey supportAlexander Schnaidt
2014-05-10add passwordsafe-gitAlexander Schnaidt