AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysadd license to PKGBUILDtadly
2020-07-10add version number to downloaded debtadly
2020-02-20version 150-28tadly
2020-02-12version 150-24tadly
2020-02-02version 150-22tadly
2019-12-13don't strip binariestadly
2019-12-10fixes sha256sumtadly
2019-12-10version 150-11tadly
2019-12-09fixes source/hash for armtadly
2019-12-09version 150-10tadly
2018-09-19add user servicee5ten
2018-08-13fix checksume5ten
2018-08-02remove and add deps as necessarye5ten
2018-08-02add epoch to fix versioninge5ten
2018-08-02fix sumse5ten
2018-07-10remove versioned mesa dep as it isn't needed by all userse5ten
2018-07-02fix mesa depE5ten
2018-06-15fix maintainer infoE5ten
2018-06-13add link to /usr/bin/parsecE5ten
2018-06-12update and remove unnecessary dependenciesE5ten
2017-12-09cleanupShawn Dellysse
2017-12-09fully working pkgbuildShawn Dellysse
2017-08-09removed bad dep?Shawn Dellysse
2017-08-09added parsec-binShawn Dellysse