AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-05updated version numbers, changed source line to be variable archJoseph Simone
2017-01-16Changed PKGBUILD syntaxJoseph Simone
2017-01-16Moved package files from /usr/local to /usrJoseph Simone
2017-01-12Added MultilibJoseph Simone
2017-01-10namcap yelled at me about dependenciesJoseph Simone
2017-01-10First release to pass buildJoseph Simone
2017-01-10fixed syntax in PKGBUILDJoseph Simone
2017-01-10Cleaned pkgbuild, split post install to .installJoseph Simone
2017-01-10Reseting upstreamJoseph Simone
2017-01-10Posted PKGBUILD warningJoseph Simone
2017-01-10Cleaning rebaseJoseph Simone
2017-01-10Initial commit, dl-only pkgbuildJoseph Simone
2017-01-10SRCINFOJoseph Simone