AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-17Drop -fno-stack-protector and empty bin dir, respect LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGShashworks
2020-06-08'pkgdesc' on should not end on '.'hashworks
2020-06-08Drop leading "v" in pkgverhashworks
2020-06-08Set arch to x86_64hashworks
2020-06-08Drop gcc and binutils makedepends since they are in base-develhashworks
2020-06-08Add license file to packagehashworks
2020-06-06Add _pkgnamehashworks
2020-04-22Use git tag versioninghashworks
2020-04-17Update .SRCINFOhashworks
2020-04-17Drop libffi dephashworks
2020-04-16Add libffi dependencyhashworks
2020-04-15Initial commithashworks