AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-23Fix for Figueras
2017-02-15Fixed gconf perl dependencyJoan Figueras
2017-01-18New release. Now we use perl-gnome2-vte AUR package directly instead of compi...Joan Figueras
2017-01-18Patch updated with xfreerdp embed fixJoan Figueras
2017-01-17Update necessary. Upstream merged new freerdp interface.Joan Figueras
2017-01-17Fixed a small bug in sound parameter in lib/method/PACMethod_xfreerdp.pmJoan Figueras
2016-10-05Minor update from sourcesJoan Figueras
2016-09-14Release bumpJoan Figueras
2016-08-04Fix: xfreerdp embed windowJoan Figueras
2016-08-04Added new bugfixJoan Figueras
2016-08-04New patch, fix embed xfreerdpJoan Figueras
2016-08-04Fix correct versionJoan Figueras
2016-08-04Change to git+httpsJoan Figueras
2016-08-04Initial releaseJoan Figueras