AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-05-09Update SRCINFODaniel M. Capella
2020-05-09Add vim optdep and expand descriptionsDaniel M. Capella
2019-10-31Add sudo optdepDaniel M. Capella
2019-10-23Move to prepare()Daniel M. Capella
2019-10-06Touch upDaniel M. Capella
2019-10-06Sync with stable packageDaniel M. Capella
2019-04-26Touch upDaniel M. Capella
2018-12-11BumpDaniel M. Capella
2018-05-301.0.0Daniel M. Capella
2017-12-20Fix check()Daniel M. Capella
2017-12-20replaces() -> conflicts()Daniel M. Capella
2017-11-23Arch no longer supports i686. Use `makepkg -A`Daniel M. Capella
2017-09-22Add bash and perl depsDaniel M. Capella
2017-06-13Clarify commentDaniel M. Capella
2016-11-09Minor touch upDaniel M. Capella
2016-10-29Add makedependsDaniel M. Capella
Thanks to Piotr Górski for the comment.
2016-10-18Add provides/replacesJohannes Löthberg
Signed-off-by: Johannes Löthberg <>
2016-10-17Switch to git-describe for pkgverJohannes Löthberg
Signed-off-by: Johannes Löthberg <>
2016-10-12minor fixDaniel M. Capella
2016-10-12initial commitDaniel M. Capella