AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-08Update to 5.3.1Vasily
2020-09-11Update to 5.3.0Vasily
2020-08-23Update to 5.2.2Vasily
2020-07-12Update to version 5.2.1Vasily
2020-06-15Remove warnings as errors for GCC and clangVasily
2020-06-07Update for 5.2.0Vasily
2020-06-04Update for 5.1.2Vasily
2020-04-20Update for 5.0.2Vasily
2020-04-18Update for 5.0.1Vasily
2020-04-15Add 5.0.0 releaseVasily
2020-01-11Fix segfault when compiling with 5.14.0Vasily
2020-01-09Fix desktop icon not being copied into folderVasily
2020-01-09Add .desktop file and /usr/bin symlinkVasily
2020-01-09Add `libudev0-shim` as dependencyVasily
2020-01-09Prepend local variable with _Vasily
2020-01-08Initial commitVasily