AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-11small 'quote change' for consistencyMelvin Vermeeren
2017-11-11move and migrate /etc/openzwave-git to /etc/openzwaveMelvin Vermeeren
2016-02-18Update co-maintainer emailIanDury
2016-02-07Update maintainer email.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-01-08Re-add armv6h and armv7h, arm is secretly armv5.Melvin Vermeeren
2016-01-07Replace all ARM arches with 'arm' (received a request in my inbox :) ).Melvin Vermeeren
2015-10-30Sort armv6h and armv7h like a normal person. Does not warrant bumping pkgrel.Melvin Vermeeren
2015-10-30Remove cpp/src/vers.cpp if it exists to ensure version number updates for inc...Melvin Vermeeren
2015-10-30Version bump to r1238.b258e9e. Add armv6h architecture. Add lanDury as co-mai...Melvin Vermeeren
2015-09-04Version bump to r1159.fd7d67f. Update maintainer mail.Melvin Vermeeren
2015-06-18Import from old AUR. Use master branch instead of security branch.Melvin Vermeeren