AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-14version bumpysblokje
2020-06-14version bump.ysblokje
2020-04-06version bump.ysblokje
2020-03-24reset the HASH.ysblokje
2020-01-16-> 2.3.5ysblokje
2020-01-04bump to version 2.3.4ysblokje
2019-11-17update to 2.3.2ysblokje
2019-10-09bump to 2.3.1ysblokje
2019-09-29update to 2.3.0ysblokje
2019-07-12version 2.2.4 with some added fixes for newer compilers.Minze Zwerver
2019-01-07version bump to 2.2.3Minze Zwerver
2018-07-30quick update to 2.2.2Minze Zwerver
2018-06-14replaced qt5_use_modules to fit qt version 5.11Minze Zwerver
2017-12-27make dfu-util and optional dependencyMinze Zwerver
2017-12-23updated to 2.2.1Minze Zwerver
2017-09-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Zwerver
2017-09-30added -j`nproc` to makeMinze Zwerver
2017-09-30added -j`nproc` to makeMinze Zwerver
2017-09-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Zwerver
2017-09-18updated source archive hashMinze Zwerver
2017-09-18updated source archive hashMinze Zwerver
2017-06-28Now using the build release script (with a little patch)Minze Zwerver
2017-06-05take 2... see last commit msg.Minze Zwerver
2017-06-05Made some minor adjustments to the builddeps.Minze Zwerver
2017-06-02update to version 2.2 & qt4Minze Zwerver
2017-02-26changed phonon to phonon-qt4Minze Zwerver
2016-09-26updated to 2.1.9Ysblokje
2016-08-26updated .SRCINFOYsblokje
2016-08-26changed dependencies from python2 to just python.Ysblokje
2016-05-15Updated to version 2.1.8Ysblokje
2016-02-22Update to 2.1.7japernilater
2015-11-15Update to 2.1.6japernilater
2015-09-13Update to 2.1.3-1japernilater
2015-09-08Update to 2.1.2-1japernilater
2015-08-09Update to 2.1.1-2 fixed no simulationjapernilater
2015-08-07Updated to 2.1.1japernilater
2015-08-04Update to 2.1.0-2japernilater
2015-07-31Update to 1.0.0-2japernilater
2015-07-01Initial importjapernilater