AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-11added .gitignoreMcModder
2021-07-11removed redundant cmake flagsMcModder
2021-03-20remove workarounds for .desktop file and iconsMcModder
2021-02-09we do not need .. in cmake because we are already in $srcdirMcModder
2021-02-09force "bin" bindir (
2020-12-21Replaced mkdir build; cd build with cmake -B buildMcModder has been merged, removing some workaroundsMcModder
2020-06-25updated .SRCINFOMcModder
2020-06-25docs folder was renamed; fixingMcModder
2020-06-17fixed man page locationMcModder
2020-06-17installing icons and creating desktop file manually because it is not impleme...McModder
2020-06-11dirty hack because of configurable GLOBAL_DIR and inconfigurable XX_DESTINATI...McModder
2020-05-16added fluidsynth supportMcModder
2019-10-08openttd has SDL2 support now, see
2019-02-28added allegro4 to optdependsMcModder
2018-04-16Initial commit. Moved all from openttd-svn to openttd-gitMcModder