AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-19autu: Update to Severance
2020-12-04autu: Update to Severance
2020-06-16autu: Update to Severance
2020-05-24autu: Update to disable xmltoChris Severance
2020-05-24autu: Update to gcc 10 -fcommonChris Severance
2019-08-09autu: Update to Severance
2019-06-15Updated to version and added conflict with strongswanGonçalo Pereira
2018-02-07Update to 2.6.50Carsten Feuls
2017-03-05Update to Feuls
2016-09-10Fix Package Update. Version change was missingCarsten Feuls
2016-09-07Update to 2.6.49Carsten Feuls
2016-04-19Add .SRCINFOAXVill
2016-04-19Version bump 2.6.43 -> 2.6.47AXVill
2015-10-22revert from 2.6.45 ->
2015-09-26ver -> 2.6.45dacoit
2015-08-19vers bumpdacoit
2015-06-27email changedacoit
2015-06-15Initial commit to aur4. Version bump 2.6.42 -> 2.6.43dacoit