AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-31update discription to better match packageAriel Lieberman
2019-10-03Bump to version 1.18.6Ariel Lieberman
2019-02-09Add new srcinfoAriel Lieberman
2019-02-09Add ttf-sil-ezra conflictAriel Lieberman
2018-10-03PKGBUILD now download version 1.18.5 zip from github and the the lates masterAriel Lieberman
2018-09-13Bump release to 2Ariel Lieberman
2018-07-19fix typoAriel Lieberman
2018-07-11Update to version 1.18.4Ariel Lieberman
2018-06-22fixed package descriptionAriel Lieberman
2018-06-22change package name to correct nameAriel Lieberman
2018-06-22 On branch masterAriel Lieberman