AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-25Added xmlsec dependencyMicah Halter
2021-04-23Updated openscap to v1.3.5Micah Halter
2020-10-02Updated openscap to 1.3.4Micah Halter
2020-06-16Updated to 1.3.3Micah Halter
2020-01-28Updated openscap to 1.3.2Micah Halter
2019-01-16upgpkg: openscap 1.2.17-3Cyril Levis
2019-01-16upgpkg: openscap 1.2.17-2Cyril Levis
2019-01-16upgpkg: openscap 1.2.17-1Cyril Levis
2016-10-11update to 1.2.10Quey-Liang Kao
2016-05-12Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git:// Kao
2016-05-12update to 1.2.9Quey-Liang Kao
2016-05-12update to 1.2.9Quey-Liang Kao
2016-04-18fix the ugly hacks using xpath_wrapperQuey-Liang Kao
2016-04-06update SRCINFONoner Kao
2016-04-06increase the pkgrel numberNoner Kao
2016-04-06support check() using the testing programsNoner Kao
2016-04-06first commit of this tool collectionQuey-Liang Kao