AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-16re-implementing loading of i2c module by defaultBo Davidson
2021-01-03Removed provides arrayBo Davidson
2021-01-03Build issue with hidapi w/o pkgconfBo Davidson
2021-01-03cd directory consistencyBo Davidson
2021-01-03consistency for directoriesBo Davidson
2021-01-03srcinfo updateBo Davidson
2021-01-03hidapi fix as per issue 924 upstreamBo Davidson
2021-01-03applies patches placed in PKGBUILD dirBo Davidson
2021-01-03changes suggestedBo Davidson
2020-12-07rel 0.5, upstream renamed OpenRGB binary to openrgbBo Davidson
2020-11-21removed check function and make argumentsBo Davidson
2020-10-31Update maintainerBo Davidson
2020-10-31Update maintainerBo Davidson
2020-09-27Updated to version 0.4 and added .conf and .desktop for installationBo Davidson