AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-09-24Cosmetic changesDaniel Bermond
2017-02-28Updated description, added more patches and fixed includes permissionsDaniel Bermond
2017-02-28Fixed compilation with gcc6. Major rewrite.Daniel Bermond
First commit after adoption. This package needed a major rewrite as follows: 1) description: a) removed the reference to $pkgname to avoid namcap complain. b) updated description. 2) url: Changed URL to the GitHub one since is redirecting to 3) license: changed from GPL to APACHE as it is the correct one. 4) depends: a) added missed glu dependency (build fails in chroot). b) since both freeglut and glu triggers mesa installation, mesa can be removed. 5) makedepends: added dos2unix. See item 7 - prepare(). 6) source: source was a clone of the upstream git repository but this is not a git package (no -git in the name), so it was not making making sense to do a git clone. Changed this to a plain zip download. Please note that it will use the stable version. 7) prepare(): added this function to apply a patch from Debian that fixes building with gcc6. It was necessary to use dos2unix since the source has Windows line endings. 8) build(): a) removed the steps that were being made before running make. I could not identify any difference without them. b) removed the -lGL flag as it is already added by the building process. 9) package(): a) code rewrite, now cleaner IMHO and commented. b) changed the config directory from /usr/share/openni to /etc/openni as used by Debian. c) removed the installation of all Sample binaries because they seem to be useless. d) added installation of documentation (pre-built pdf and chm). e) added installation of the APACHE license and the file with copyright. 10) install file: a) added mention of openni-primesense-sensor. b) changed mention of sensorkinect-git (removed from AUR) to sensorkinect. 11) pkg-config file: a) changed name from OpenNI2 to openni. b) updated description. 12) readability and cosmetics: a) changed indentation from 2 to 4 spaces. b) changed $_platform variable to $_architecture.
2015-12-10Update for new ABIBenjamin Chr├ętien
2014-04-13Add release OpenNI package.Benjamin Chr├ętien