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2021-03-20Upgrade to Lin
2021-02-01Upgrade to Lin
2021-01-18Upgrade to Lin
2020-10-27Upgrade to Lin
2020-10-07Upgrade to Lin
2020-09-01Upgrade to Lin
2020-07-26Upgrade to Lin
2020-05-24Upgrade to Lin
2020-04-17Upgrade to Lin
2019-12-29Update .SRCINFO for upgradeAndrew Lin
2019-12-29Upgrade to Lin
2019-10-27Upgrade to Lin
2019-09-26Upgrade to Lin
2019-08-12Upgrade to Lin
2019-05-26Upgrade to Lin
2019-04-13Upgrade to Lin
2019-02-12Upgrade to Lin
2019-01-06Upgrade to Lin
2019-01-05Upgrade to Lin
2018-10-22Upgrade to Lin
2018-09-25Upgrade to Lin
2018-07-29Upgrade to Lin
2018-05-19Upgrade to Lin
2018-04-08Upgrade to Lin
2018-03-11Upgrade to Lin
2018-02-11Upgrade to Lin
2018-01-30Upgrade to Lin
2017-12-19Upgrade to Lin
2017-11-07Upgrade to Lin
2017-09-27Upgrade to Lin
2017-08-14Upgrade to Lin
2017-08-13Upgrade to Lin
2017-07-02Upgrade to Lin
2017-05-21Upgrade to Lin
2017-05-03Upgrade to Lin
2017-03-19Upgrade to Lin
2017-02-28Change source URL to download.openmpt.orgAndrew Lin
2017-02-05Upgrade to Lin
2016-11-26Upgrade to Lin
2016-10-24Upgrade to Lin
2016-09-05Upgrade to Lin
2016-08-07Upgrade to Lin
2016-07-13Upgrade to Lin
2016-05-22Upgrade to Lin
2016-05-21Upgrade to Lin
2015-11-22Upgrade to Lin
2015-10-31Upgrade to Lin
2015-09-14Update .SRCINFO for 1.25.02 (oops forgot, sorry!)Andrew Lin
2015-09-14Upgrade to OpenMPT Lin
2015-08-17Initial import from old AUR (updated for 1.25)Andrew Lin