AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-01Update srcinfoSamuel Kogler
2020-08-01Update to 8.1 and disable doc install by default.Samuel Kogler
2019-03-08updated to openmesh 8.0Philipp Mildenberger
2018-05-30python is a in seperate packageMichel Zou
2018-05-307.1Michel Zou
2018-04-30incremented the package releasePhilipp Mildenberger
2018-04-30added -f parameter to the rm buildPhilipp Mildenberger
2018-04-23updated to OpenMesh-7.0 and fixed a small bug with a missing python libPhilipp Mildenberger
2016-12-05updated to version 6.3Philipp Mildenberger
2016-08-16updated to 6.2, fixed a python bug and added a .gitignorePhilipp Mildenberger
2016-03-15updated to version 5.1Philipp Mildenberger
2015-11-24updated to version 5.0Philipp Mildenberger
2015-09-22updated to version 4.1Philipp Mildenberger
2015-09-22updated to version 4.1Philipp Mildenberger
2015-07-23Initial import and update to version 4.0Philipp Mildenberger