AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-16add patch for sqlite issueMartin C. Doege
2019-03-09restore iconMartin C. Doege
2018-10-21v1.1.57Martin C. Doege
2018-01-28pyswisseph3 is needed for Python 3Martin C. Doege
2018-01-10v1.1.56 (switch to Python 3)Martin C. Doege
2017-07-10v1.1.50Martin Doege
2017-05-30.SRCINFOMartin Doege
2017-05-30v1.1.49Martin Doege
2016-12-24rename to python2-setuptoolsMartin Doege
2016-06-21fix URLMartin Doege
2015-08-19add swisseph_12 conflictMartin Doege
2015-08-19revertMartin Doege
2015-08-17Properly handle the extra swisseph data files by making them dependShadowKyogre
2015-07-13emailMartin Doege
2015-07-13import; update versionMartin Doege