AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-02-19Prepare for Linux 5.11Michael Laß
2021-01-15Update to 1.8.7Michael Lass
While here, replace the custom GCC 10 patch by the one merged upstream.
2021-01-14Update patches for RX sequence ID bugMichael Lass
2021-01-14Fix RX bug triggered after 14.01.2021 08:25:36 UTCMichael Lass
These are early stage patches. However, unpatched OpenAFS is unusable right now. See:
2020-10-17Update for Linux 5.9Michael Lass
2020-07-21Prepare for Linux 5.8Michael Lass
2020-06-30Update to 1.8.6Michael Lass
This is identical to 1.8.6pre3, apart from the version number.
2020-06-20Update to 1.8.6pre3Michael Lass
2020-06-08Compatibility with Linux 5.7Michael Lass
2020-05-19Update to actual 1.8.6pre2 and fix build with GCC 10Michael Lass
2020-04-06Update to what will be 1.8.6pre2Michael Lass
2019-10-24Update to 1.8.5Michael Lass
2019-10-07Update to 1.8.4Michael Lass
No significant changes since 1.8.4pre2.
2019-09-16Update to 1.8.4pre2Michael Lass
This prerelease version provides support for Linux 5.3, so we use it instead of patching our module packages.
2019-04-30Update to 1.8.3Michael Lass
2019-02-20Prepare for Linux 5.0Michael Lass
2018-12-21Prepare for Linux 4.20Michael Lass
2018-10-29Tweak dkms.confMichael Lass
* use all available CPU cores for compilation * do not append KERNELRELEASE to make (see man 8 dkms) * unify use of quotation marks
2018-09-12Update to 1.8.2Michael Lass
2018-08-14Add patch for Linux 4.18Michael Lass
Thanks to Bastian Beischer for providing this change.
2018-07-30Update to 1.8.1Michael Lass
2018-06-21Do not attempt to load MAKEFLAGS from makepkg.confMichael Lass
The current version of dkms.conf causes issues with pacman's dkms hook if MAKEFLAGS are not set in makepkg.conf. While it would be possible to work around this issue, hijacking makepkg.conf like this is probably not a good idea anyway. If people want to use certain flags for all build processes, they can globally export MAKEFLAGS in their environment. Thanks to seally1186 for tracking down this issue!
2018-04-13Handle pkgdir or srcdir with spacesMichael Lass
2018-04-13Update to 1.8.0Michael Lass
2018-02-09Update to Lass
2018-01-30Add support for Linux 4.15Michael Lass
2017-12-22Update to Lass
2017-12-05Update to 1.6.22Michael Lass
2017-11-13Add patches for Linux 4.14Michael Lass
2017-10-23Fix curses checks during configureMichael Lass
2017-09-22Update to Lass
2017-09-12Fix build with Linux 4.13Michael Lass
Also remove GCC workaround as the underlying bug was fixed.
2017-07-06Update to 1.6.21Michael Lass
2017-06-01Add fix for gcc bugMichael Lass
The following error flaws the check for gid in the group_info struct. For now we just set the corresponding define manually. /var/lib/dkms/openafs/ internal compiler error: Segmentation fault struct group_info _test; printk("%x\n", &_test.gid); ^~~~~~~~~~
2017-04-15Update to Lass
2017-02-28Add patch to work with kernel 4.10Michael Lass
2016-12-16update to Lass
2016-12-01Update to 1.6.20Michael Lass
2016-11-11Update to 1.6.19Michael Lass
2016-08-04Update to Lass
2016-07-26Update to Lass
2016-06-22Update to Lass
This release includes patches for Linux 4.5
2016-06-09Add patch for Linux 4.6Michael Lass
2016-05-12Remove abandoned patchMichael Lass
2016-05-06Update to 1.6.18 and add patches for Linux 4.5Michael Lass
2016-03-21Update to 1.6.17 and add patches for Linux 4.4Michael Lass
2016-03-08No need for install scriptMichael Lass
Pacman now has a hook to handle DKMS packages properly. Manual adding, building and removing is not necessary anymore. Don't bump pkgrel for now as this package is currently broken anyway.
2015-12-17Update to 1.6.16Michael Lass
2015-10-28Update to 1.6.15 (security release)Michael Lass
2015-09-24Update to Lass